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Contact the astronauts: From Mon to Fri 9:30 to 20:00
902 002 902 - 966 141 334
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La Nave Agency. We need you to start the take-off  |   Meet the crew
Visual Identity and Social Media for 2&Tres wines gourmet  |   Gourmet Experience El Corte Inglés stand Alicante (Spain)  |   see mission
Our stars... In another galaxy also called them clients  |   see more projects
Development of custom applications  |  Android/iPhone/iPad  |   see developed applications
Branding, Web design and development for Bisutería para ti blog and online shop... Alicante (Spain)  |   see blog
Social Media and Creativity for Juan XXIII Group... Alicante (Spain)  |   see mission
Banner for Keyton. New Generation of Luxury Theater Seating  |  Alicante (Spain)  |   see project
Design and web development for Giraliben, S.L.  |   Laundry and dry cleaning machinery in Alicante and Murcia (Spain)   |       see mission
Development of the website    Odone Interiorismo  |  Xàbia, Alicante (Spain)  |   see project
Social Media and Creativity for Torre de Reixes Restaurant... Alicante (Spain)  |   see mission
La Nave Agency. We need you to start the take-off  |   Meet the crew

We are taking off!

Why us?

We are a communication agency with global services, born in a difficult economic situation for companies. Our mission is to help all of them so they can communicate and achieve their goals according to their real needs.

We are a group of young entrepreneurs willing to update your communication to the new 2.0 technologies. There are no two identical missions, nor two identical clients. Get ready to connect with the future of communication and with creative ideas that will help you take off in the new era of communication. Are you ready?

Would you like to take off with our Spaceship?
We are the astronauts of your communication.
Call us for another mission!

"We have been a very demanding client.
Design for designers is a complicated task. However
your team has had the desire and enthusiasm
enough to achieve this. Thank you for your work.
The result is enchanting us".

Sandra González, designer inOdone

"Really abducted by the project for all of them.
Finally very full, effective and innovative
in many different aspects to our company".

Enrique Cantó, manager ofKEYTON

"Very happy with excellent personal treatment.
With La Nave to the Moon. With brief
encounters we have managed to capture what
I wanted. The follow-up's been comprehensive".

Cristina, responsible ofSalsa Kiss

"They've always been there. So much attention
technical staff has covered more than each
and every one of our expectations".

Lucía, staff inGrupo Juan XXIII

"With professionalism and dedication
Giraliben project to raise involved quite a
challenge. Really satisfied with the Agency".

Adrián Espín, manager deGiraliben, S.L.

"Delighted with the work by the team.
From the first time around they were
facilities and we got more than we expected".

Santiago Dongil, CEO

"Still working against the clock have managed to
capture, get and convey the personality of my agency.
A success. The best, without a doubt, the personal
treatment and complicity. Thanks for being complicit
in this adventure !".

Pilar Almarcha, MGRIncógnita Detectives

What they say about us?

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